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Toilet Training Tray (69cm x 43cm)

Toilet Training Tray (69cm x 43cm)

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Toilet Training Tray 69cm x 43cm

Easily train your pet with this high-quality, non-toxic Toilet Training Tray. Keep your pet's living area clean and tidy for a healthy, disease-free life. Perfect for in-house pets and pet owners with busy schedules, this toilet features a premium synthetic grass layer and a leak-proof design for easy maintenance. Durable and washable, it will save you money on toilet sheets and pads.


Product Features:

  • Dulex 3 piece portable and easy to clean pet toilet
  • Middle tray help block urine from going back up in order to minimize odor and spillage
  • Made of premium quality 35mm long synthetic grass without toxic materials so you and your pet are safe
  • Tray made of high quality and strong PVC material so it can handle large pets without any problem


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