Chief Executive Wooficer

Born in December 2020, always destined to achieve greatness. A happy boy 100% of the time and loves to go EVERYWHERE with his Mum. Could've been a dog model, but chose the business life instead.

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Financial Meownagers

Born in November 2021 & February 2022, both were adopted off the hard knock streets of Perth when they were just little babies - forever thankful to the Perth Rescue Angels. Kiyo is a sweet purry princess but can have a bit of a bad attitude at times. Simba is also known as "psycho Simba" always doing zoomies, yet is actually the biggest sook in disguise!

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Head of Pawlity Control

Born in June & July 2014. Eric had a bit of a rough start to life, ending up in the emergency vets for a 5 hour intussusception surgery (which thankfully WAVES Vets were amazing!) - understandably so, Eric is an extremely sensitive soul, and loves a good cuddle. Aria was rescued at the age of 4 and also ended up having a life saving surgery but quickly settled into the family and is now Eric's best friend. She is OBSESSED with food and has perfected the "puppy dog eyes" whenever you have something delicious in hand!

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