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Sound & Light Cat Toy

Sound & Light Cat Toy

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Experience endless entertainment and physical activity with this Interactive Cat Toy Rolling Ball Track! Keep your feline friend engaged and prevent furniture damage from scratching. Featuring a small ball and an LED sound-and-light ball, your cat can nudge or bat at the ball with its paw or nose and watch in awe as it lights up and makes fun sounds (choose from four different animal options). Play it safe by monitoring your pet during playtime and refrain from using the toy if any part is loose or detached. This toy requires supervision for use.

Dimensions: 30cm diameter x 4cm height



Directions For Use:

  • On: Hold the button on the ball for 3 seconds, when the LED light flashes three times then it is on.
  • Off: Hold the button on the ball for 3 seconds again and it switches off. 
  • Press down on the button to switch between sounds.

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