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Puppy Sleep Aid Bear

Puppy Sleep Aid Bear

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 The Puppy Sleep Aid Bear is the ultimate therapeutic toy for your puppy. Perfect for soothing young pups and those with separation anxiety, this cuddly companion provides warmth and comfort to help your pet relax when alone. Simply detach the heat pack, microwave it, and then reattach it to the bear's tummy. Let the Puppy Sleep Aid Bear be your pup's overnight companion, promoting a peaceful night's sleep in their own bed. This is a must-have for new pet owners during the first few weeks with their new furry friend.

  • Size (cm): L 38 x W 20 x H 18
  • Working Time: 20 mins
  • Material: Mixed soft and plush fabrics, made from non-toxic materials
  • Surface washable with pet safe detergent

Please note: 

Toy is intended for comforting and not for rigorous play. Using this toy for playtime may result in unwanted damage. Remember, never put the entire bear in the microwave as directed on the label.


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