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Magic Cube Smart Odour Eliminator

Magic Cube Smart Odour Eliminator

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This helpful Magic Cube Smart Odour Eliminator eliminates odours, bringing refreshing cleanliness. A unique airway system purifies the air. With ionizing technology, it efficiently gets rid of odours, bacteria, and formaldehyde. It boasts an elegant, subtle design, seamlessly blending with any modern interior, and can even be managed remotely with the PETKIT app!

Product Highlights:

  • 4 different modes: smart mode; sleep mode; normal mode; power mode
  • Dual-layer absorption filter and powerful functions of deodourising, anti-bacterial, formaldehyde removal and antivirus(H1N1)
  • Works efficiently, being able to cover an area of 30 m², makes it ideal for small to medium-sized apartments. Particularly great to set up near your cat litter tray areas.
  • Controllable via WiFi and app.
  • Readable LED screen for easy mode changing.
  • Low purifying liquid warning.
  • Childproof, with a child safety key.

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