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Deluxe Smart Pet Drying Cabin

Deluxe Smart Pet Drying Cabin

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Offering a cosy pet-drying experience, the Deluxe Smart Pet Drying Cabin has an eco-friendly design & can accommodate two small breed pets. It is quiet (45dB) & has linear lights & a wavy panel for gentle drying. With a top door to comfort & play with your pet, the cabin has breathable space & multiple vents for a salon-like experience. Rapid, all-round drying & low noise make it blessing for busy pet owners! With a sleek, modern aesthetic design, it flawlessly blends into any home decor.


Product Highlights:

  • 60L capacity pet grooming dryer that can dry 2 small pets at a time, which is suitable for multi-pet owners.
  • Security Protection System accurately controls the temperature to avoid low-temperature burns and hotspots. 
  • Smart Control via PETKIT App for convenience and easy control and customization on your phone.
  • Delivers a gentle smooth breeze that gently dries your cats and dogs without scaring them.
  • Gentle Linear Lights brighten the whole cabin space and induce relaxation while soothing your pet's mind.
  • Wavy Panel design that easily dries hard-to-reach areas in your pet's body like the belly, thighs, and paws.
  • Produces negative ions that help smooth fur, removes frizz and flyaways!
  • Silver Iron Panels have antimicrobial properties for a clean and bacteria-free space

Exterior Dimension: 50 x 47.3 x 44.7cm 
Capacity: 60L
Materials: ABS, Tempered Glass
Best suited for: Cat and small breed dogs older than 6 months

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